Whenever you hear the name Port Credit come up in conversation it always conjures up positive feelings and thoughts. And no wonder, as Port Credit is one of the best, if not the best, neighbourhoods to live in in Mississauga. It has grown to becoming Mississauga’s center for shopping, arts and entertainment, and dining at the waterfront. Port Credit boasts some of the finest restaurants in the world as well as award winning shows and events. It has plenty of parks and areas to enjoy by the lake. There has been a lot of effort made by the municipality to keep Port Credit clean, safe, and very attractive in design. So much so, that for many people the name has become synonymous with upscale living and maybe out of their reach. However, if you are looking for apartment rentals in Port Credit that are attractively priced and maintain the high level of quality as expected in the area, then Valley Crest Apartments is your best choice for Port Credit living.